In 1986 Direzionale Eur introduced the concept of office residence in Rome, later to become a successful formula adopted by most start-up companies. In fact, within 24 hours you can have a fully furnished office, complete with all the additional services, saving time and resources. Indeed, most of the companies that have benefited from the spaces of Direzionale Eur to inaugurate their first office, then became protagonist of the national and even international economy. Truly, Steve Jobs himself inaugurated his first Apple office in Italy in 1986;

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furthermore Tommaso Pompei, his elegant office overlooking the over the pool, brought Omnitel Pronto to win the race for the second operator of mobile telephony; E-biscom has been host of Direzionale Eur for a long time, before becoming the reknown Fastweb; indeed, Nortel rented an entire floor of an office building of the network and even stated that the highest productive levels had been reached in that period; as well as Andersen Consulting, Manpower, 3, Alcatel, EDS, Honda, Lotus, Xerox, Q8, Banca San Paolo, Abbey National Bank, Mediolanum, Parmacotto, Mercuri Urval and Compaq, just to name a few.

The history of Direzionale Eur is imbued with the success of the big companies that it has hosted and is still hosting in the centers of Rome.

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