Telematic Front Office

Telematic Front Office

Have a secretary at your disposal full time no stop that manages your office remotely according to your instructions. This service allows you to have a genuine framework for your activities, with a prestigious address in the center of the business district of Rome, open all year round for call handling, faxes and mailing.
You can also, through an dedicated answering service, impart remotely provisions or give assignments to staff, which fulfills every request received.


Services included:

  • Ability to customize your own documentation using the address of Direzionale Eur
  • Assignment of a dedicated phone line
  • Personalized telephone answering services with the name of your company
  • PBX services with annotation and communication of the calls (up to 200 calls per month with only
    telephone charges)
  • Use of centralized fax reception setting (up to 100 sheets / month including free reception fee)
    and for sending (up to 50 sheets / month including free delivery fee)
  • Word processing, photocopying, binding, translations
  • Use of a 2-hour meeting room or office
  • Rent, depending on availability, of the facilities of the Center with a 10% discount,
    management of agenda and appointments (optional)

Shipping Address  Custom Address and Phone Number

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