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    Office from a location which includes a standard layout to which you can add custom furnishing, also provided by the center.

    • 1 desk
    • 1 fabric chair
    • 1 table lamp
    • 2 guest chairs
    • 1 chest of drawers
    • Drawer cabinet for documents
    • Certified Network RJ45
    • Air Conditioning


    • Access from 9:00 to 19:00 from Monday to Friday
    • Use of the address to personalize your documentation
    • Possibility to display their plaque at the main entrance of the center and on the office door
    • Meet and greet guest service and customers with a lunch break
    • Receiving and sorting mail and couriers
    • Use the centralized fax, copier and printer
    • Use of common areas (services, cafeterias, reception, waiting room, garden)
    • Routine and extraordinary maintenance
    • Use and support for the local network
    • Fee for utilities
    • Air conditioning in summer and winter
    • Electricity
    • System of video surveillance
    • Remote alarm connected to Supervisory Authority
    • Fees for municipal waste collection
    • Liability insurance
    • Monthly outgoings
    • Cleaning twice a week
    • Phone Pack included
    • Fast internet Pack 1 mb included



    • High-speed internet (2 Mb or unlimited)
    • Secretarial assistance
    • Phone service
    • Business Package (all the above specified)
    • Covered parking
    • Access to offices beyond opening hours (Saturdays, Sundays, unlimited)
    • Space for the rack of your server
    • Public IP
    • Private Archive


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    Room Category: Furnished Offices.