• If I were to rent an office at Direzionale Eur what kind of contract do I have to sign and for how long ?

With Direzionale Eur you don’t subscribe a traditional rental agreement but a contract for service administration, and only for how long as you want (from a minimum of one month to one year with possibility of renewal).

  • Is it requested to pay a deposit?

Yes, a forfeiture deposit equivalent to 2 months, to be returned at the end of the contract.

  • If I decide to take an office from Direzionale Eur after how long can I be up and running ?

In less than 24 hours.

  • At the expiry of the contract, the same shall be automatically renewed?

No, it shall not. In order to avoid any oversight by your administration which may oblige you to continue with the contract, we do not apply the automatic renewal. Upon expiration, the customer is free to keep or leave the office, without penalty.

  • When can I access the office?

Access time, related to the secretariat is from 9,00 to 19,00 every working day. However, to meet specific needs, we give access in other hours and days on request, with maximum flexibility.

  • How are the offices furnished?

The furniture depends on the type of elected  office (standard directional, executive, deluxe). The basic equipment includes desk, chair, waiting chairs, desk lamp, drawer, briefcase, furniture complements.

  • The activation and payment of telephone lines, internet, electricity, garbage, heating rates, etc. are included?

Certainly they are. The monthly fee includes everything, activation, utility and consumption management.

  • What about the furniture? And the flat outgoings? The cleaning? The security guard? And the maintenance?

All these are also included in the monthly fee. In this way you can focus on your business without having to worry about dealing with resources and suppliers involved in the management of an office.

  • Will I have a dedicated phone number?

We provide dedicated phone lines offering a personalized answer service by our operators who filter calls and forward them to the client or to a specified number. The service is available all year round no stop, in order to keep your contact channel open even when you are out.

  • And what about the telefax ?

You can customize your documentation, as well as by our address and phone number assigned, also with a central fax number from which you will be able to send and receive documents, sorted and delivered you by our Front office.

  • And how does it work with mail and couriers ?

The reception is responsible for receiving, sorting and sending ordinary mail, parcel and couriers. In addition, you can take advantage of our postal service to send registered mail, pay bills or send parcels.

  • How will I pay the consumption?

Consumption are detailed and attached to the invoice of the office and consequently paid at the end of the month.

  • Do I need to hire secretarial staff?

No, you don’t. This cost is included in the service, so you can save up, taking advantage of our personnel even for dedicated services such as copying, printing, scanning, binding, typing, hotel reservations and diary management.

  • What other  services do you offer?

In addition, the customers can conveniently book from their desk, saving time and avoiding unnecessary stress, a series of services “at home”: dry cleaning, postal services, certificate request, parcel delivery, payment of bills. You can also take advantage of the interior and gardens of the Centers for private parties and events.

  • If my business grows and other workstations are needed?

Our solutions are designed to allow you to use nothing else than the space you need. If necessary, we will follow you in your expansion.

  • What are the common areas available to customers?

Residential customers have at their disposal the reception, two coffee corners, the waiting lounges fully equipped and the beautiful gardens that surround the offices, the only office in Rome to have them.

  • Do you have meeting rooms for meetings and training courses?

We have 3 meeting rooms of 8 to 20 seats, two elegant conference rooms for up to 80 people, a meeting room, a lounge also useful for coffee breaks and lunch as well as a lounge for executive business meetings. Besides, for events and refreshments you can take advantage of the beautiful gardens where you can use equipped spaces by the pool, in spectacular locations for events of any kind.

  • What other services can I use?

We provide technical assistance on demand, bell boy services and delivery boy, internal structure completely dedicated to the organization of your corporate events and lunches, customization of space with the support of an architect, start-up kit for communication and marketing,  managerial support for identification and focusing on the best office set up, green services, a range of services dedicated to the individual…

  • Can I reach you by public transport ?

Yes, you can. We have two metro stations line B and bus terminals at a few hundred meters. We are also accessible by car being only a few kilometers from the main roads of Rome South and having large free public parking in front of the centers.

  • Do you have any private car parking?

Yes, we have covered parking spaces in our garage.


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